Meditation and Relaxation

So what exactly is meditation

Meditation has been used by almost every culture throughout history to enhance one's experience of life. Whilst some practices of meditation have religious, spiritual or secular origins others are purely about reflection, contemplation and being fully present in the current moment.

I believe meditation can be many things, in fact it can be in the form of music, art, walking, surfing, basically anything that allows you to be fully present in the experience.  You are completely in the now moment and are not thinking, planning, worrying or stressing about circumstances of the past or the future.

​Meditation can be practised by all persons no matter their age or state of health. Meditation takes you on an inward journey and allows you to just BE in the present moment enhancing mental, physical and emotional health.

The outcomes of a consistent meditation practice have now been proven by scientific research to show changes to brain waves which subsequently cause physical reactions in the body that promote healing and an overall sense of wellness.  This happens in as little as 6 minutes!

Meditation includes techniques designed to promote relaxation and inner peace.  A consistent meditation and relaxation practice can enable participants to develop and balance feelings of kindness and compassion, love and patience, forgiveness and generosity.  It has also been shown to reduce anxiety and stress, pain and depression whilst increasing memory, focus, productivity and creativity.

The goal varies depending on the style of meditation that is being practised. The mind is either totally quiet or completely focused which can be achieved in a diverse range of meditation styles and techniques both traditional and contemporary.

Our aim is to work with you to find a style of meditation that suits your needs and that you will enjoy.

"The thing about meditation is:  You become more and more you." David Lynch

Energy Relaxation

Energy relaxation has many benefits and similarities to meditation.  The main difference is that Energy Relaxation is based on ancient Chinese studies over thousands of years on the universal energy systems and patterns within and all around us.   I believe it is the number one self-care practice that helped me to recover from a major stroke both physically and emotionally.  Where meditation requires us to do things like repeat a mantra, affirmation, focus on an object, visualise a positive scene, etc the aim of Energy Relaxation is much more simple - it is to do absolutely nothing as universal energy creates the change!  Sometimes you may fall asleep whilst listening, sometimes you wont, it's ok either way as it will positively affect your energy to feel deeply relaxed.

I offer a variety of classes and workshops as well as customised recordings with an aim to support and encourage a consistent practice of relaxation and meditation into your daily life.