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How Yoga can compliment your Gym Workouts

By Find UR Flow

TUE APR 05, 2022

Yoga classes can compliment your current gym and weight training workouts – think bringing more stability both physically and mentally i.e. Yin (calming, releasing, introspective) to your Yang (power, striving, external).  Each class will be unique yet have a common thread created to enhance and bring more balance to participant’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Yoga is not a religion and it has no end goal, it is an ongoing PRACTICE, a way of BEING and accepting yourself and your body as you are in each moment.
Be ready to experience improvements in flexibility, strength, balance, posture, stamina, emotional wellness and so much more!  Importantly, yoga encourages a sense of community, enjoyment and connection as we each learn and grow through the gifts and wisdom of yoga.

Each of my 1 hour classes consists of:
Pranayama – breathing techniques to ‘tune’ into the body, quietening the mind and allowing focus and awareness to turn inward.  Pranayama helps purify the blood and respiratory system whilst enriching the blood with oxygen enhancing all aspects of life. Improvements to respiration will of course improve all your other gym workouts.
Asanas (postures) - classes vary between gentle to more powerful flows with classic yoga asana (postures) from Hatha Yoga.  There is a focus on correct alignment and may utilise props such as blocks, straps and bolsters to provide students extra support and the ability to delve deeper.  Asanas are linked with the breath providing a positive biological effect on our mental, emotional and physical state.  Each week there will be a different focus, however the whole body will be awakened and supported.
Weekly theme or yogic philosophy will be threaded within the class to provide uplifting principles and practices for a happier more fulfilled life.
Savasana Relaxation – 5-8 minutes at the end of each class is devoted to find stillness, to calm the mind and body facilitating deep rest, rejuvenation and inner peace much needed in today’s busy overstimulated world.

Improved Flexibility & Mobility – This is important as a lack of flexibility leads to dysfunctional postures and irregular movement patterns in daily life and during exercise which can lead to injury such as knee & shoulder problems, back pain, tendonitis and plantar fasciitis.
Reduced Pain – joint pain, cramping and muscle soreness can be reduced and sometimes even eliminated as your body is retrained to express itself in a wide range of motion with more natural movement patterns as the body reduces tightness and tension.  The cause of pain can be the result of both unbalanced physical and emotional patterns held within the body.  When our bodies are more limber and open they simply function better.
Improved Circulation – Yoga can improve your vascular system as every movement or constriction thereof affects the vast and tiny capillaries throughout our body.  Nerves can also be blocked by shortened and tight tissues impairing the free-flow of energy throughout the body. Yoga can unblock tightness, impaired circulation and naturally improve whole body functioning and energy transfer.
Endurance – Lifting weights will activate your fast-twitch fibres for power and speed, whereas yoga will compliment this as we perform movements slowly and holding poses to activate slow-twitch muscle fibres for endurance.
Mind and Body Connection – Yoga can improve the level of connection and communication between your brain and your body, aiding more fluid body movements, better reflexes, faster responsiveness as well as listening to those messages your body is telling you before it has to yell i.e. injury, illness.
Improved Sleep – Breathing techniques, reduced muscle cramping, poor posture, decreased pain are just some of the ways yoga can help you get a better night’s sleep meaning you can function better during your everyday life and your workouts.  Oh, and I guess there’s no need to go into details about how improved flexibility can help in the bedroom in other ways :)