About Me

Following a stroke in early 2015, despite being a fit and healthy person, I discovered the true power of self-care and healing through energy relaxation, meditation and yoga. I truly believe I couldn't have got through this crisis without these tools.  I use them every single day to support and empower myself and others.

It is for this reason I have a strong desire to share what I've learnt with others to support and encourage them to release stress, provide opportunities and utilise tools for self care, for improved health, happiness and wellbeing.  The more I teach the more evidence that these are powerful and life transforming as many of my students and clients tell me each week.  You can jump over to my testimonials page for some examples.

You can read more about my journey so far on my blog A Stroke of Luck

I am a Diploma qualified Meditation Teacher and Therapist, Yoga Alliance Certified RYT 500 hr Yoga Teacher. I'm also a perpetual student wanting to keep abreast of contemporary research and safe practices, integrating current cultural, body types and needs of modern society whilst still respecting and honouring these ancient traditions so that we can each apply them in our own unique way to meet our personal needs physically, mentally and spiritually. 

I am certified to teach Hatha, Yin, Vinyasa, Restorative, Elements, Aqua and Chair Yoga.  I am a qualified Holistic Counsellor, Personal  Stylist and Level IV Healing Touch energy worker.

I also have a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

I conduct private consultations, classes, workshops and retreats for Fun, Love, Oneness and Wellbeing, to help others find their F.L.O.W.

Fun = find the Fun in the everyday moments
Love = yourself and life
Oneness = is all about connection. Connect body, mind and soul; Connect with nature; Connect with others & your local community
Wellbeing = utilising holistic tools and techniques, as well as energy healing to create a lifestyle that supports true wellness.

Here’s my son Cody

He’s also a yoga teacher and wants to get more men into yoga!

With a background in Maui Thai boxing, surfing, skateboarding, soccer, gym weights and landscaping as a profession, Cody came to yoga to relieve back pain, tight sore muscles and general mobility issues. 

Basically pain was what drew him to yoga to ease his aches and to find mobility for all the other activities he enjoyed.

Now with a solid yoga practice and teaching qualifications he wants others to discover what yoga can do for their body, mind and stress levels.

Think reduced aches and pains, ability to surf and lift weights with safe and proper technique (not hindered by stiff inflexible joints), overall ease of movement, balance and agility. This all equals a happier, less stressed bloke! Who doesn’t want that?!

Cody teaches a Thursday night class called Slow Flow & Restore.  Although he's wanting to encourage more males to try yoga, this class is also open to women.